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Luxury 5 Person Hot Tub


Rehabilitate W/ Hydrotherapy | Soak In Ethereal W/ London

London | Joyee Wellness & Spa
5 Person Hot Tub

Joyee Wellness & Spa Is Optimal for Health, Wellness & Athletic Training. With London’s 5 Person Hot Tub. Built in with 3 massage pumps, you can guarantee optimal pressure from each stainless steal jet. Designed to massage the muscles with a high pressure and a low flow system.
The smaller jets flow at a slower rate, however put out an optimal amount of pressure, therefor feel like they are doing allot. We call those pin jets.
The 3″ mid-flow jets are getting into the larger volumes of water flowing from the jets, providing more of a therapeutic purpose.
The big 5″ jets are capable of flowing a plethora amount of water which gives a real deep tissue massage; but only if the spa is built with a pump big enough to supply enough water to its jets.

London is optimal for hydrotherapy. Engineered with 3 hydrotherapy pumps that apply 3 hp at each pump, and a circulation pump to keep your energy consumption low, and your spa at a consistent heat.

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London | Joyee Wellness & Spa

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Hydrotherapy With Class | 5 person hot tub

The Future Of Hydrotherapy Is London. 5 Person Hot Tub | One Of The Most Featured Spas In The Industry, And Its Here. Don’t Put Your Hydrotherapy On Hold. London Is Only On Sale Until The End Of October! Lets Get It To Your Backyard

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