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Your hot tub is meant to be rejuvenating, rehabilitating & relaxing. But dealing with the day to day maintenance and water care can be frustrating and time consuming. Owning a hot tub shouldn’t be a headache or too much to deal with! With Our routine preventative maintenance program, we take care of the following services

Routine Hot Tub Maintenance Program | Hot Tub Cleaning Service
We off pre scheduled hot tub maintenance! Spa maintenance is ensured to keep your hot tub running efficiently and proper year round. Empire Spas can set you up on a routine service, prescheduled on a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly term. Our preventative maintenance program focuses on

– water care, hot tub cleaning
– chemical treatments/ balanced ph levels,
– maintaining proper water levels,
– filter cleaning & replacements,
– Flushing your spa on a quarterly basis (manufacturers recommend every 3 months)
– cleaning the shell duering flushing and refilling
– hot tub ventilation,
– operations check.

Why Use Our Maintenance Program?
We believe that hydrotherapy shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. That’s why we tailored an affordable solution for preventative maintenance. Your not just a customer, you’re a member! Members get access to exclusive offers and discounts not promoted or shared with non members. Get 20% off all additional services and products. We Preschedule your appointments according to your maintenance program. Don’t wait on us! Members get priority scheduling, which mean we’re on our way to you, within 48 hours of any additional services needed. We make it easy and affordable to keep your hydrotherapy routine possible