Hot Tub Service | Best Hot Tub Repair & Maintenance


Hot Tub Service | Best Hot Tub Repair & Maintenance

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Asap Hot Tub Service | Don’t Keep Your Hydrotherapy Waiting

Spa Broke? Call A Pro! Empire Spas LLC Is Now Serving The Treasure Valley.

We don’t just sell hot tubs. We are your local hot tub service provide! We believe in hydrotherapy, and what it can do for your over all health and wellness. And waiting on a hot tub repair or trying to locate a qualified company to service your spa is challenging enough. Scheduling a company to fix your hot tub, that schedules you out 2 or 3 days can prolong the process to rehabilitate the body. Here in the valley, pool and spa companies are becoming so busy and with all the growth becoming more and more prevalent it can be hard to find a solution to an asap service, making it hard to move forward with your day to day activities or even worse, your daily commitments. Luckily, here in the Treasure Valley we have companies that care! Here Empire Spas, We have friends, not competitors. If we aren’t available within 24 hours and you’re in immediate need due to body aches or rehabilitation factors, then there is a company in the valley that might be. We have resources and friends that could potentially put you on their schedule in a more timely manner than we can. We’ll even call them for you! What ever it takes to put your hydrotherapy routine back in practice, and your body/ mind from pain and stress. Empire Spas, always looking out for your health & wellness. Consider us your #1 resource for hydrotherapy.

Our Hot Tub Repair Process | Communication

Lets put you on the map! Sharing our schedule and keeping you in the loop!

We start by scheduling you in our appointment setter design for our customers to keep in touch with ought having to call our office. now, you can do it online! Keep in touch with our shared appointment setter app. The morning of our appointment , You will get a confirmation text reminding you of our scheduled appointment. You’ll then receive a 30 min courtesy phone call prior to arriving. This keep you in communication with our office and our technicians in the case you need to get ahold of us prior to diagnosing your spa.

Our Spa Repair Process | Spa Diagnostic

Hot Tub Diagnostic Service

A diagnostic is ran by a qualified and professional technician. First, we want to make sure your spa is filled properly to the correct water levels before operating your spa. Removing your filter and applying more water if necessary and cleaning your filter is in the first stages of our diagnostic. After removing your filter it’s housing unit, we can top off your spa if needed. After applying more water if necessary, and cleaning your filter for optimal water flow, we move to the topside. There, we can run through your operating’s system to determine what the problem might be. We preferer that the home owner is present, during this process however, doesn’t have to be. If we cant diagnose your spa from the topside were moving to your spa pack! But before we even open the panel, we turn off the sub panel to the spa for a safe hot tub repair. We want to prevent any unwarranted surprises. At the spa pack we can run our multi meter, determining what major components are not operating properly. If its a leak, we’ll pull all sides of the skirting, exposing the cabinets area and plumbing. This way we can run the spa and watch for any areas that need to be repaired. At that point we can reach out to our local supply house for pricing and delivery times if necessary. If the home owner decides to move forward with Empire Spas to service the hot tub well then put you on our schedule to come back when parts are available form our supplier to perform our hot tub repair service.

Our Spa Repair Process | Hot Tub Repair

Hot Tub Repair Service

Our qualified technician give all of our customers a 30 minute courtesy call prior to showing up. This gives the customer time to prepare or ready themselves for the technician. When the technician shows up, we will have the proper tools and equipment necessary for the project, and will start performing the hot tub repair immediately. After the repair is finished we write out a detailed invoice through square for the work performed. We Then collect payment with debit, credit, check, or cash payments. Always our customers are left with a receipt via email. We then leave with a clean jobsite, happy customer and a 90 day guarantee!

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